4 ways to suppress peer pressure in children during counseling 

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Peer pressure is a huge challenge that children are facing in schools and other social places they go to . A child support system must factor this into work as early as possible in order to develop emotional agility in the children 


Emotional Agility is the coping ability and mental capacity of a child to be independent of words, behavior and actions of others


A good child counselor must be able to use tools and techniques to develop this in children

In this forthcoming training, I will be sharing these tools and techniques that will build resilience, independence and maturity in children

There are 4 ways to suppress peer pressure as a form of therapy in children 

1. Superiority Affirmation: This is a tool used to establish a figure or person superior to the source of the pressure 

A child can experience abuse, bullying or emulating actions in school or other places by others 

Superiority affirmation helps a child to open up to a teacher, parents or counselor about his or her feelings and the impact of the pressure 

When a child is pressured by peers, the default place they go is silence. The attitude and behavior changes especially in the state of reasoning 

I stop here for the big show .This is going to be a game changer for you, if you are teacher, child handler, school counselor, Mom, school leader or proprietor, children church teacher

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