A rude child is a Dysregulated child

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A rude child is a dysregulated child. What does DYSREGULATION mean?

It is an abnormality in the regulation of emotional, physical or psychological process of the body

An example of this is, mood swing, going into silence after being corrected, finding it difficult to greet people especially adults

The reason why a child talk back at you when you don’t want them to do so, is this inability to put their feelings, processing and actions in a coordinated way

The greatest cause of dysregulation is FAMILY DYSFUNCTION. Others can be anxiety, fear, Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

It is normal at some point for a child to show this behavior but it must not go undetected and uncorrected

What you should not do is more important than what you should do.

Don’t tear them “dirty slap”. We know this is the first reaction when a child shows rude behavior. Violence encourages dysregulation, it doesn’t correct it

Don’t abuse a child that is rude, you are only helping his rude vocabulary… rude people are powerful in trading and using abusive words and expressions

The earlier you act the better the children. Don’t indulge them in the act by openly defending their actions to others.

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