Holiday: Bonding NOT Burden 

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As another Holiday period is approaching, we should all know that the holidays can either be a burden to you or an opportunity for bonding . Its better to see the bonding part and not allow the burden of control make you absent yourself away from your child 

This season is characterized with a lot of free time with the children. They get to play a lot and also they want to try so many things 

When children are free, their need for exploration increases. They desire to know, try and understand anything that comes their way

This is first evident in their uncontrollable desire to eat at different intervals .

They are open to any thinking, teaching and other forms of communication and expression during the holiday 

Parents must be very strategic in this period and ensure the holiday energy is channeled right 

Psychologically, holiday period is for cleansing and learning. So many things to debunk and so many things to learn and relearn 

Love is also confirmed during holiday. 

The best time for bonding is this holiday. The best thing to do is to look towards the goal and not the inevitable shouting and yelling they will make you do. A conscious presence with them with the aim of answering questions, affirming words, correcting actions and delivering life lessons.

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