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While grades aren’t everything and We focus on more than them getting good results, they’re still going to you for help for that purpose. The main goal of tutoring is to provide them with an effective learning experience and improve their grades.


Our Tutoring services will help your child become a better communicator, form better relationships with peers, and make more positive social and behavioural adjustments

We Recognise Individual Difficulties

In a one-on-one tuition setting it’s easier to target each student’s weakness and recognise them as an individual person instead of one student in a whole class.

We help provide Positive workspace

Our Tutoring service provides an environment free of distractions, with fewer students and disruptions around, so your child is better able to focus on learning. Encourages independence and responsibility:

Increases ability to manage one’s learning

Your child will become more competent in his or her learning and more successful in managing his or her school work. Challenges those who need it: Tutoring helps bored or under-stimulated children reach their full potential.

Help & Support

Your child’s tutor will specifically target whichever aspect of learning they are having trouble with, whether it’s writing, math, language, or reading.

We serve Ajah, VGC, sangotedo, Ikota, lekki, , Addo road, badore, Langbasa, ilaje, Abraham Adesanya, awoyaya, Abijo, ibeju, ikoyi, Victoria Island, island , mainland and Lagos state as a whole

Do you need a therapist for your child?


Child therapy, sometimes called psychotherapy or “talk therapy,” is a type of psychiatric treatment used to help children understand and manage their feelings, change their behavior, communicate more effectively, and build resiliency.

Types of therapy and education

Asamly Tutors now collaborate with experienced and qualified therapist that deals with children that needs special education programs and also children with:
Autism spectrum ( intellectual challenges)
Speech, language and communication disorder
Dyslexia (learning disability)
Behavioral disorder
We offer speech therapy, cognition therapy, behavioral therapy ( ABA), occupation therapy and basic academics progress.
Don’t be discouraged at your child’s challenges, contact Asamly Tutors, to get a therapist for them today….

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