What does Private Tutors teach

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If you have a passion for sharing knowledge and inspiring the next generation, becoming a private tutor can be a rewarding experience.

From mathematics and music to languages and yoga, your options for private tutoring depend on your specialist knowledge and aptitude for teaching.

A private tutor teaches students to prepare them for examination and tests like WAEC , NECO, JAMB, GCE and A Levels etc. They’ll set homework and learning objectives and help their students in one-to-one lessons, usually in a home setting.

Private Tutors also do home schooling for kids… Where the students have their usual school activities conducted at home. Making the kids closer more closer to patents!

Parents are gradually buying the idea of home schooling these days as there are lots of advantages. This will keep the private tutor engaged for a longer period.

In conclusion, a private Tutor teachers all school and academical subjects and more all in the comfort of your home or office..


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