When children plays at home but they are gentle in school or vice versa

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Your child having a dual personality that behaves better in school than at home can be confusing and you wonder if something is terribly wrong


Most cases, nothing is wrong about it. The reason is that your child finds home as a safe space compared to school or other places


If it is not SAFE for them, their expressions is the first to get affected


Once a child feel safe in ANY place, the release all emotions they gather where they held their peace


Here are some of the reasons why your child may be well behaved in school than at home


1. Social Anxiety… when a child is socially anxious in the form of selective mutism, he becomes so calm despite his high energy at home

2. Group think: This is when a child comply to what others do because of fear of being the odd one

3. Seeking social acceptance: Because they want to be accepted by teachers and peers, they will do everything to follow instructions and calm

4. Social Structure: Some children behave better in school due to structure and routine put in place from entry to exit of both school and classes 

Please give them space to release their pent up feelings 

Allow them some uninterrupted play to regulate their nervous system for calmness.


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